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How to Prepare a Wall for Painting-Easy No Fail Step by Step Guide!

Transform Your Home with This Easy To Follow, No Fail Method on “How to Prepare a Wall for Painting”.

Owning your own home comes with many challenges but one of the quickest and easiest ways to bring your walls back to life is to give them a coat of paint. There are so many brilliant colors and fabulous design ideas for walls your hardest job will be to pick which color and style you will use but before you dip your paint brush into the paint I cannot stress how important it is to prepare your wall for painting.


I’m going to show you how to prepare a wall for painting. And, the tools I require for this job are:

  • drop sheet,
  • gap fillers
  • some safety equipment
  • scraper
  • sandpaper
  • sugar soap

I also need a ladder to get up to the places I can’t reach.

Step 1

Use sugar soap for how to prepare wall for paintingSo, the first thing is, we have to make sure our walls are really clean. So, I’m going to use some sugar soap and water. And, give it a really good clean down.

Next, we prepare the wall for painting because we don’t want all the little nicks and scratches to show up through the top coat. And, also we want to make sure it’s clean because we want the paint to adhere properly to the wall. After you have washed the wall dry it off with a rag.

Step 2

So, the next step is to put down a drop sheet and to scrape off any imperfections and flaky paint that’s on the wall.

Step 3

use filler for how to prepare wall for paintingI’m going to fill all the cracks and imperfections up with some powdered gap filler. So, to mix my powdered filler, I’m going to put it in a bucket with some water. Stir it to a toothpaste consistency and then I’ll apply it to the wall. I’ll just over fill them a little bit so that when it dries, we can sand it back and get a smooth finish.

Step 4

use a corking gun for how to prepare wall for paintingFor the corners, I’m going to use a gap sealer. And, that’s applied with a corking gun. Once that’s applied, we can go over it with a damp sponge to smooth it off.  I’m going to use a damp rag to wipe off the excess gap filler and make it smooth. Depending on how big the gaps are, you may need a second layer of filler once this one’s dried.

Step 5

wall sanding for how to prepare wall for sandingMy filler is now dry on the walls so I’m ready to sand it off to a smooth finish. I’m going to use a sanding pad because it covers a larger area making the job quicker. I’ve now finished sanding on my wall. And, it’s ready for painting.







This is a simple, fuss free way to ensure you get the best possible result when learning how to prepare a wall for painting. You will be amazed at the finish you will get after you have painted your wall.

My only tip is not to rush in and start sanding before your fillers are dry. Take the necessary time it takes for it to set so you do not have to repeat the entire process.



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