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How To Hang A Picture On A Wall

How to hang a picture on a wall? It sounds simple enough and having beautiful memories hanging from the walls of your home is a beautiful and eye catching feature but how many times has your grand plan been spoiled by the inability to get the damn things straight?

It can be so frustrating! Every video and “How-to” you have watched has made it look so simple yet no matter how hard you try you cannot get it right. So what are you doing wrong?

Hanging a picture is a relatively simple task but there are a few elements you’ll need to consider to make sure it’s secure

This blog will walk you through the process giving you tips and small tricks along the way to ensure your memories stay straight once and for all.

Let’s go!

Decisions, Decisions!

First you will need to decide on the height that you want your picture to be but as a general rule your eye line should be at 2/3 of the picture however this is very dependent on the size of the picture and any furniture you’re working around for example: this recommendation would not work above a bed’s headboard or the back of a sofa.






In these situations use your own judgment on what feels comfortable for you and what height feels right for the proportions of your room.

Preparation is the key!

Once you’ve decided where you want to hang your picture use a pipe and cable detector and slowly move the detector back and forth over the area you wish to check. It will alert you if there are pipes or cables behind the wall.

This will save you a lot of headaches in the long run as drilling or hammering into either a cable or a pipe could spell disaster and an expensive repair bill. Check the manufacturer’s instructions for specifics on the use of your device.

Hold the picture in the position that you would like it to hang and mark the centre position of the top of the frame. Next measure the distance       on the back of the frame between the hanging mechanism and the top of the frame. If it’s hanging from a cord then make sure you pull the cord taut when you measure the drop. Using this drop measurement and adjusting it a little higher, mark you’re fixing position.

By marking it a little higher this will allow the top of your picture frame to cover the original centre position pencil mark.




It’s important to check what kind of wall you’re fixing the picture to and think about the weight of the picture. These factors will influence which kind of fixing mechanism you’ll need to use.





For lightweight pictures you can use pin picture hooks as long as the plaster is sound. Line the hook and not the nail up with the fixing, mark and use a hammer to gently tap in the nail.






Whilst masonry walls can accept pin hooks for heavier pictures you’ll need to drill and insert wall plugs and use a screw fixing to secure the picture.


How will I know when to stop drilling?

Mark the depth of the wall plugs with a little tape on your drill bit and drill into the wall on the fixing mark. Push in your wall plug, if it’s a little tight you can tap it lightly with a hammer, finally insert and tighten the screw making sure to leave the head protruding by a few millimetres.







To secure heavier pictures on stud walls you first need to locate the stud using a stud detector, check the manufacturer’s instructions for specifics on the use of your device insert a Carpenter’s awl to check whether there’s a stud in the exact location that you’ve marked. If there is you can simply screw into the wall, remembering to leave a few millimetres of the screw protruding.



Oh no! I have a hollow wall







If it’s over a hollow part of the wall then you’ll need to use a special fixing mechanisms such as a spiral fixing plug or a hollow wall anchor, again check the manufacturer’s instructions to confirm how much weight your specific fixing can take.

Spiral fixing plugs are screwed into your plaster board and then a screw can be inserted into these mechanisms to secure your picture.

The hollow wall anchors are pushed into a pre-drilled hole then the screw is tightened to expand the fixing behind the partition.






Finally hang your picture on the hook or screw and use a spirit level to ensure that the picture is level.

You Did it!

It’s not a hard job but just remember to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when it comes to the weight and material that you are using them with. Using these instructions will ensure you know how to hang a picture on a wall no matter the size of the wall or the picture.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog on “How to hang a picture on a wall” and if you would like to leave a comment or can offer any other tips please do so in the comments below .



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