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Farmhouse Headboard-Your Very Own Stylish DIY Farmhouse Headboard

Create a warm country feeling in your home with this easy to follow DIY Farmhouse Headboard tutorial.

My bedroom is my haven. The place I go to when I want to relax and escape the busy lifestyle that I am living which is why I have taken the time and care to style it in a way that makes me feel relaxed and at peace.

My Day

After a busy day at work I come home to all the duties of running a household and being a Mum which includes homework, meals, laundry….you get the picture. I walk into my bedroom and I am instantly greeted by my very own oasis, my own little piece of paradise.

The feeling that washes over me is like the end of a therapy session. My cares are swept away, the pressures of the world are lifted and I can relax. The time and effort I have put in to create this ambiance was worth every, single, little moment and it all started with my bed.

The Beauty of the Farmhouse Headboard

The Farmhouse Headboard is a very popular choice and it is easy to see why. Firstly let’s take a look at the design. There is more than one design option available as you can see below. You have the Herring bone cut the classic Farmhouse and the simple but very classy design. All three designs are classified as Farmhouse headboards.










Another versatile option in this design is the colours that they are available in. If you are going to DIY Farmhouse Headboard then from a DIY prospective the only limitation is your imagination. A subtle white wash is all the craze at the moment but a natural or rustic effect is also a very eye catching option.

If you decide you are better off buying your feature Farmhouse headboard, maybe your DIY skills are limited or you just can’t be bothered either way you will be happy to know that they come in a dark stain, light stain, white wash or rustic finish. There is even this adorable multi toned Farmhouse headboard that I found and is available from Amazon.

Your choices are many. It all comes down to personal choice.










The Farmhouse Headboard is also gender friendly meaning it can be styled to suit either a feminine room or more masculine room and although it does have the name “Farmhouse Headboard” you do not need to be a farmer or live in the country to enjoy it.


My inspiration to write this blog came from this photo.

My two favourite places to shop when I am looking for those unique, special pieces to feature are Anthropologie and Houzz. Both these stores offer online shopping and a large variety of styles and products but they do come with a heavy price tag. I also use them for decorating ideas and DIY inspiration.

I was looking for new ways to style our spare room and Houzz was my first port of call. The Farmhouse Headboard was the style that kept jumping out at me but the price tag was way above what I could afford.  Now if you can afford the original from Houzz by all means go ahead and buy it but there are other options. For instance try Amazon, they have a very unique style which I feature below but I got to thinking “How can I have a Farmhouse Headboard without the price tag and in a design that I really like?

Do It Yourself

After a little research I came across this brilliant DIY Farmhouse headboard tutorial. There are a few out there but this one had everything I needed and the style was perfect for my needs.

It also included the mistakes he made along the way and how to rectify them and he was easy to listen to and really easy to follow. I have included the link below.

DIY Wood Farmhouse Headboard

Designing your bedroom is a very personal thing. Your likes and dislikes are personal to you and also give you a place to start (usually the hardest thing when beginning). Always keep in mind that your bed should be the masterpiece of your room. One of the main reasons I love the Farmhouse Headboard is because it can be styled to suit any type of design. It can be elegant, cosy, masculine, feminine or classic, the choice is yours.

Final Word

Having a Farmhouse headboard whether you buy direct from Amazon or create your very own DIY masterpiece is now a reality. Both options are perfectly OK and once you have your bed all sorted the rest of the design and styling should fall into place.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog and if you have any questions about the Farmhouse Headboard or want to leave your own personal comment please do so below.



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