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Chalkboard Paint Review-Top 5 Chalkboard Paints

Chalkboard Paints are amazing but how do you know if what you are using is quality. My chalkboard paint review will help you decide what product best fits your next big project.

Top Dollar DIY presents “Top Five Picks For Chalkboard Paints”. My review focuses on five brands that I consider to be ahead of their competition in quality and affordability.I will be showcasing a variety of options that are available and how you can use them to create one of kind designs.

Number 5

deco art chalkboard paint

At the number five spot is the Deco Art Glass Chalkboard paint. I chose this one not only for its features but also because of its budget-friendly price tag. Deco art is a leading manufacturer of paint finishes and accessories for artists of all ages. Its products can be used to decorate furniture items, tableware, walls and more. The Americana gloss enamel chalkboard paint from Deco Art is specially designed to paint glass products but it can also be used for porous materials such as wood.

You can also use this paint with stencils to create amazing designs in your house and when it comes to safety the paint is non-toxic and it dries quickly so you shouldn’t be worried. The only downside would be that this paint is only available in black (like most chalkboards). Deco Art makes other paints which come in blue, silver, grey, red or metallic colors but just not in chalk paint. If the idea of using more than one color is important to you then you may be interested in our number four product.

Number 4

Folk Art Chalkboard Paint

Number four is the Folk Art water-based chalkboard paint. Folk Art manufactures many different paints finishes, brushes, stencils and other accessories that would be useful for a DIY project. Its products are sold worldwide and at affordable prices. The chalkboard paint from Folk Art is available in a few different colors and it can be used on an array of materials such as: wood, paper, plastic, ceramic or metal.

This type of paint is completely non-toxic and it dries very quickly. You’ll be able to write on it using chalk after just 24 hours but you will probably need more than one coat (which isn’t a problem with its affordable price tag). The next product on our list was chosen because it is a great choice for people who are looking for chalk paint with lots of bells and whistles.

Number 3

Krylon chalkboard paintAt number three we have the Krylon chalkboard paint brush on. Krylon is a big name in the aerosol paint industry. The company was founded in 1947 and today it sells decorative paints and finishes, magnetic primers and protective paints. This chalkboard paint, with a special-purpose brush, can be used on wood, ceramic, plastic, metal and glass surfaces. It dries to the touch after just 1 hour.

Another thing that we really like is the fact that this paint provides a durable scratch resistant finish, so if you are eager to write on it, using chalk, you can do that after just 24 hours but a word of warning if it’s not given enough time to dry it may peel and crack quite quickly so make sure you use it in optimal conditions and allow the full drying period.

Number 2

rustoleum chalkboard paint sprayIt’s important to choose the right product for the project you are trying to complete. When it comes to choosing the right chalk paint for your needs I totally understand that budget is an important consideration which is why my number two pick the Rust-oleum specialty chalkboard spray takes the spot for best value.

Rust-oleum creates a wide variety of paints and finishes which can be used to protect boots and clothing items against bad weather or to improve exterior design. This chalkboard spray can be bought in packs of one or six bottles of spray and it dries to the touch after just 20 minutes. Although it would be wise and I do recommend you allow 24 hours to pass before writing on it. One of the biggest advantages of this paint is its compatibility with multiple indoor surfaces including wood, paper, metal ,glass, plastic, masonry and more.

Number 1

American crafts chalkboard paintFinally the American crafts DIY shop chalkboard paint made it to the top position. Mainly because it provides a good array of features with an affordable price tag being the mayor draw card.  American  crafts makes thousands of products and accessories suitable for designers and budding artists including chalkboard paint, stickers ,colored inks,  glitters and more. The American crafts DIY shop chalkboard paint is ideal for multiple types of surfaces and it dries very quickly usually in about 30 minutes.

Another added bonus that you will love is the fact that this paint is non-toxic and odorless, which means it’s safe for kids to play with and decorate the walls of their rooms if they wish to. If there was any sort of drawback it would be that this paint might is not ideal for painting glass surfaces but American crafts make other chalkboard paints which are suitable for glass.

Well there you go these are Top Dollar DIY’s Top Five Chalkboard Paints. I would love to hear your thoughts and if you have a favorite that I have not included please share it down in the comments section.



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